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Do you feel like you’re underachieving?

There’s nothing worse than spending the best years of your life feeling weaker, slower, in pain and possibly fatter than you want to be.
Your body hurts, low energy levels feel like the norm, you don’t sleep well and maybe that favorite outfit just doesn’t fit the same anymore. You’ve got no guidance and everytime you try to get started on your own you just end up more confused with the overwhelming information that floods the internet. Sound familiar?
You’ve tried it on your own, you’ve tried the commercial gyms and you’ve tried to follow a free online program training from home.
It’s time to stop playing it small and making excuses.
This is the fate of so many people we see. And they come from all different walks of life from executives, to nurses to parents alike. They’re lacking the right strategies and the right environment to help them achieve their full potential.

If you want to live your life at your best, during the best years of your life, then take action and commit to a life-changing education, fitness, and lifestyle program.
We do this by teaching you the basics really well. With an emphasis on great movement patterns, smart loading, progression over time and excellent coaching. This coupled with simple nutrition and accountability strategies to keep you showing up, enjoying the process and getting the results you deserve is how we can help you become a better human for whatever life may throw at you.  

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Personal Training is the ultimate goal focussed training experience to get you to your goals in record time. After a comprehensive assessment you will receive bespoke training and nutrition programmes developed and by our world class coaches. They will then coach you 1:1 through the entire process here in our private training facility giving you the fast track to your goals and the highest level of service and accountability. Sessions range from one to five sessions per week.

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Our world-famous six-week challenge is your opportunity to tone up, gain strength and change your life. We guarantee results with our easy to follow fitness and health systems. You will have one coach throughout your program who will keep you on track. Included are up to 30 PT sessions with Christchurch’s top coaches, plus an easy to follow, personalized nutrition plan, and you will become part of The Body Consultants supportive community.

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Our 7 Day Trial is a great way to get a taste of working with us here at The Body Consultants. We start the process with a 45 min consultation with one of our expert coaches, going over your current health and fitness goals followed by a movement screen so our coaches can spend some 1:1 time with you to assist with any technical issues before you get 7 days of unlimited access to our Group training classes designed to help you build muscle and strip away fat.

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Success Stories

What our members say

I've been part of TBC since May 2019 and have placed such high value on training at TBC. The trainers and fellow members make for a very fun, engaging and supportive environment which will surely help bring out the best in you!I love going to this gym… it has a great atmosphere. The coaches are so helpful in all aspects of the training and actually care about their clients. Won’t go anywhere else.

Daniel Wright

A great training environment for anyone at any fitness level who wants to start their fitness journey. I started TBC with no weight training experience and absolutely loved my time there. The first gym I actually enjoyed turning up to thanks to such supportive and experienced trainers! Would definitely recommend!!I've trained for over 10 years by myself. Didn't know if i would like group training but i love it. Dave really cares about all the members. Almost at 2 years hear and will continue for many more

Daniel Cortez

Nico and the team are incredible! There is nothing better than being pushed to your limits and achieving more than you ever thought you could. Forever thankful for all the motivation and the friends I’ve made while training here. Beginner or athlete, everyone is welcome! 💪🏼

Danielle Gibson

The Body Consultants Christchurch


Pricing options that fit your budget and goals

Drop In Class
Drop In Class
$ 15.00 AUD

In town for a bit, wanting to try us out, need to get a once off session in? Simply book a drop in class and come to any of the classes listed on our timetable.

6 Week Transformation Package
6 Week Transformation Package
$ 599.00 AUD

Our signature 6 week package, covering over 30 Sessions, a 1-1 Induction, personalised nutrition and small group training.

3 x 1-1 Intro PT Sessions
3 x 1-1 Intro PT Sessions
$ 149.00 AUD

3 x 1-1 Personal Training sessions, including a custom training plan to follow and a personalized nutrition plan, along with an initial assessment to determine your starting point and movement analysis.


Frequently Asked

Can I Come Try a Class?
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Unfortunately we don’t do Free Class trials, however, we do offer a free 15 minute discovery session over the phone. Because we aren’t a standard gym or group class, and because you deserve more than a generic programme, we like to create an individual experience for each member to challenge them just to the right level.

To do this, we start with an in-depth phone call to make sure we are a good fit for each other. Then we start the process with a 45 min consultation with one of our expert coaches, going over your current health and fitness goals followed by a movement screen so our coaches can spend some 1:1 time with you to assist with any technical issues. From there if you’re still not 100% sure we can specifically help you. We offer a Free 7 Day Trial where you get 7 days of unlimited access to our Group training classes designed to help you build muscle and strip away fat and get a taste of the TBC experience. Book your discovery call now +64 220841449

Do I need to be a certain level of fitness to join the groups?
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There is no minimum level of fitness for our groups, however, we do require you to go through our movement assessment before joining the groups. This is to get a baseline for your current movement proficiency to ensure you can train in a safe manner.
Because our training style is very structured we are able to cater to a wide range of fitness levels and abilities but we do incorporate some skilled movements, with an emphasis on movement quality. We may require you to complete some Personal training sessions prior to joining the groups.
If there is a safety issue or we think you will be better suited to Personal training, we will let you know and help you decide.
At the end of the day, we want you to feel comfortable, be safe and get results.

I have never trained before, is that ok?
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That’s more than ok. Our expert coaches will take you through an initial assessment during your induction to get a gauge on where your current fitness levels and movement proficiencies are.

We will walk you through every step of the way and then based on this assessment give you our recommendations on the best place to start either PT or Small Group Training depending on your ability and your goals.

No, here at TBC we no longer require all members to be vaccinated as required by the NZ government in response to COVID-19.

We keep our groups small enough that we can give individualized coaching but big enough where there is still a fun atmosphere. We cap our classes at 12 per session to ensure you get the attention you need and deserve. We focus on great quality coaching and are not one of those gyms where you’re just another number getting lost in the crowd. The coaches create a structured environment so we can tailor our programme specifically to you so it feels like a personal training session, but shared with a few friends.

Even if you’re a competitive athlete, we will need to take you through our initial assessment baseline tests, assess your motor patterns, analyse your nutrition and help tweak your performance.
We have an expert team of coaches and we are confident we can help even the best of athletes.

If you are experienced in the gym from out of town then we would love to host you. If you are after some structured training while you are away from home.
Please visit our Drop In page to see our current single class and week pass pricing. Once you’ve decided on a package simply complete the form and one of our friendly coaches will reach out to you

Here at TBC NZ, we use two main apps for booking your sessions and also tracking your training data so we can monitor your progress closely.        


Gym Master is our membership & session booking software. You will need to download GymMaster to book in your session times each week. Sessions are booked under Classes -> Semi Private Personal Training Sessions.

GymMaster download link for AppleGymMaster download link for Android
Team Builder

TeamBuildr which is our go to app for all of our coaching and performance data collection.
Your programme will automatically be assigned to you in TeamBuildr once you are all set up. 
Download TeamBuildr and enter the join code found in your emails to gain access.

TeamBuildr download link for Apple:TeamBuildr download link for Android:

Totally up to you. We can organise your membership to be paid in time blocks upfront or on the same day each week, fortnight or month. If you would like to set up an alternative payment schedule, please have a chat to us.

Direct debit is one of the easiest ways to ensure you keep up with your membership payments each week/ month here at TBC. To discuss an alternative arrangement, please email or Contact Nico directly. 

You are able to put your membership on hold for up to eight weeks if you are injured, busier than usual or expecting to spend time out of town. Please let us know two weeks in advance of your hold period and we will arrange to suspend your payments. We’ll need a start and finish date as we will automatically restart your membership when your hold period is complete.
We can only put a membership on hold for a maximum of eight weeks per annum. Anything more (excluding injury) is considered a cancellation, which will be carried out in accordance with our normal cancellation terms. Of course, we would love for you to come back and will be happy to discuss renewing your membership at any time.

To cancel your membership, please complete the cancellation request form on our website two weeks before you plan to stop coming to our gym as there is a two week cancellation period. Once submitted our team will contact you to arrange your cancellation. Any canceled members will be charged at the current membership rates upon their return if they decide to rejoin.

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