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Small Group Personal Training

Most of our tribe here at TBC train in our Small Group Personal Training Programme.

Our programme is designed to get you stronger, moving better, feeling great and looking your best.This is strength and conditioning training done in a small group setting.

We coach you through everything!

By taking our programme and then tailoring it to you as an individual to ensure you're getting the perfect level of training for you! In our sessions we squat, deadlift, press, swing kettlebells, move and do core work.

All our programmes were designed and built around the idea of long term progression, enjoyment and providing a private and safe environment for learning new and old movements.

We kick off with our individualised 6 week transformation programme to build you into our programme then the goal is always built around long term progression and sustainability.

It’s our job to create great training sessions and get you results. You just have to show up, give your best effort and have fun!

Not sure what, how or when to eat as well?
Don’t worry we have you covered.

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class schedule

Monday - FRIDAY

5:45am - Small Group Personal Training
6:30am - Small Group Personal Training
9:30am - Small Group Personal Training
12:00pm - Small Group Personal Training
4:30pm - Small Group Personal Training
(Mon/Wed/Fri Only)
5:30pm - Small Group Personal Training
6:15pm - Small Group Personal Training
(Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur Only)


8:30am - Small Group Personal Training

Membership Includes

Small Group Personal Training Classes

Functional strength and conditioning training in small groups of 4-8 people. You can train between 3-6 sessions
per week (It’s completely up to you)

Accountability & Support

We know it can be tough to make it sometimes, especially if it's dark, cold or life is busy. So to ensure you're making it in when you say you are. If you’ve booked a session and not shown up expect a text or call to keep you honest. We also provide weekly check-ins in person and online to ensure every question you have is answered and you’re staying on track.


Our personal trainers will coach you through every session. Every rep, set and exercise. We are always there to give you all the guidance and support you need in person plus via message/email whenever you need it. 

Nutrition Coaching

Baseline Templates for new members and more advanced coaching are both available options depending on your goals and needs

Get The Enjoyment Back In Training. 

Working out should be a blast, Have fun, make friends, get stronger.

Book a session and start Group Personal Training!

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