May 3, 2021



When you’re looking to sign up to a new gym, it’s best to put a few to the test. Compare membership prices and gym facilities, but also the range of fitness classes and personal training options available. There are many important factors to consider that affect you and your personal lifestyle. What do you want to get out of joining the gym?

We’ve grouped together some questions below to get you started on your gym search:

1. How to Find the Right Gym or Trainer

What’s right for you is unique to your own individual circumstances and goals. When choosing a gym, look at options that might best fit into your idea of training. There’s no use trying to convince yourself to go to a gym that doesn’t motivate you to get fit!

  • If you’re into group training, be sure to find a gym that offer plenty of weekly gym classes
  • If you want to get into lifting, look for a gym that specializes in strength training
  • if you'd rather work one-on-one to improve your fitness, check out the personal trainers on offer at each gym

By comparing facilities available at different gyms, you can find an option that best suits your needs.

2. How close is the gym to my home?

Another important consideration to make is that of practicality. You’re far less likely to show up at the gym if it’s simply too hard for you to reach from home or work. Luckily, The Body Consultants have worked hard to provide state-of-the-art gyms in easy-to-reach locations across Perth, including:

Nowadays, many gyms also offer excellent shower and changing room facilities, so you don’t need to return home from the gym to freshen up before heading out again. Keep an eye out for gyms with good quality lockers, showers, and changing rooms so that distance from home becomes less of a concern.

3. Can you get a trial membership?

With so much competition on the market these days, it’s wise for gyms to offer free trial memberships. Ranging from a 7 day gym pass through to an individualized health consultation with a personal trainer, most gyms allow you to try them out for free.

Now comes the fun part! Spend some time trying out all of the different gyms on your list, it’s trial and error, there’s no harm done if you end up not enjoying it.

You may even be surprised to find the gym that’s right for you in-person differs from what you first had in mind on-paper. After all, the right gym should make you feel safe, supported, and motivated to train. Being able to achieve the right mindset at the gym will do wonders for transforming your body and improving your confidence on your fitness journey.

Never underestimate the importance of your environment and the people you surround yourself with, especially at the gym! Cultivating a positive culture in a healthy environment is what we stand for at The Body Consultants.

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