December 31, 2021



Are you up for some of the best exercises for overall muscle development that you can possibly do in the gym? Put deadlift strength exercises to the test with The Body Consultants.


We’re all about safety here at The Body Consultants, learn how to get yourself into the correct position to minimize your risk of injury:

  • Approach the bar, standing right in the middle with the bar directly over your shoe laces
  • Drive your hips back towards the wall
  • Grab the bar just outside of your shins
  • Pull back your shoulders and push your knees outwards into your elbows
  • To lower, drive your hips back towards the wall again. Lower the bar to your knees and drop down gently.

Sumo Deadlifts

With a good stance, you can seriously feel the burn on this one without causing any injury. The Body Consultants will show you how…

  • Approach the bar, evenly spread your feet to be slightly wider than shoulder-width apart
  • Keeping the bar over your shoe laces, drive your hips backwards in a squat
  • Grab the bar from inside of your shins
  • Pull back your shoulders as you come up
  • Stand tall and drive your hips forward, remember to tuck in at the top
  • Lowering down, drive your hips back into a squat again. Lower the bar gently to the knees and then drop down.

Dumbbell Deadlifts

Make sure you’ve got the correct technique to prevent injury first. We’re here to teach you all you need to know:

  • Tip the dumbbell so it’s standing vertically and stand directly over the top of it with your legs evenly spread hip distance apart
  • Point your toes outwards a little bit to improve your balance. Keep your chest high and your shoulders back
  • Keep your hands down by your sides as you push your hips backwards to lower down
  • Lean forward and put your weight into your heels as you cup the dumbbell
  • Grab the dumbbell and lift yourself back up to standing with it while squeezing your glutes
  • Gently lower and place the dumbbell back down to complete one repetition. Repeat.

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