May 3, 2021



FF Elevated Split Squats

Achieve your best shape possible and keep on form with elevated split squats:

  • First things first, you need a step or thick weight plate to achieve elevation for your squat
  • Then, place your front foot on the step and your back foot behind you, with the heel up
  • Now, push your front knee forward over your toe, hamstring to calf
  • Your back knee bends down towards the ground, keeping your chest up high
  • Push back up again, you’ve completed one repetition. Job done, it’s that simple.

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats

It’s time to do some more of the same elevated split squats, now in reverse! We’ll run you through it once again:

  • Give your exercise a switcheroo and place your back foot onto a step or thick weight plate, heel up
  • Now, front foot firmly planted straight ahead, dip your back knee down towards the ground
  • Push forward with the front knee and try not to wobble. Remember, we’re keeping that chest up high
  • Finally, push back up to standing and you’ve got two sets of elevated split squats under your belt. Nice work!

BB Back Squat

Barbell back squats – you may need a spot here – help build your full-body. We’ll help you achieve the correct technique:

  • Standing with the bar on your back and feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart
  • Keep your core locked tight and chest forward, push backwards from the hips
  • Carefully bend your knees to sink those hips down to knee level
  • Push back upwards from your heels to return to standing, keep those knees out
  • Pause between reps here, BB back squats are a tougher exercise than elevated split squats.

Bulgarian Split Squats

Similar to what we start off with, Bulgarian split squats can be done with back or front foot elevated. Let’s take a look at how to do the back foot version, flip these instructions to get the gist for front-ways around:

  • When doing Bulgarian split squats with back foot elevated, it’s best to add a little more height to your step – two rises is the standard.
  • With your back foot up and front foot forward, try to stay more vertical as you come straight down and up – your knees should come straight down
  • Remember that your front heel, not your toes, drives your weight back up again, your back heel remains high.

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