May 3, 2021



Cable machine exercises are an easy way to build strength in the arms. There are also easy mistakes to be made when you are incorrectly positioned. Avoid injury and improve your cable machine workout routine as we take you through three popular exercises.


Improve your bicep curls on the cable machine to receive the maximum benefit from your exercise and lower your risk of injury. Mistakes are commonly made when you approach cable machine exercises with the incorrect position. Before you go ahead and injure yourself, correct your stance to put your best foot forward and get the most out of every workout.  

We are used to seeing the typical rocking to-and-fro of the body during cable bicep curls, which causes too much weight distribution upon your spine risking strain to your back by repeated activity. Also, by standing too close to the cable machine, you are not benefiting from the full extension of the exercise.  Your stance affects the load bearing upon your biceps as you come up to standing, being too close causes your elbows to lock forwards in a position that doesn’t allow you to feel the full effect of your cable machine workout routine.

To get the best out of your cable bicep curls, step slightly back from the cable machine with one foot behind the other and place your elbows forwards. As you curl up, keep your elbows locked into position. Stretch back down without locking your arms out fully. This way, the full load remains on the bicep.


Simple adjustments can greatly benefit the quality of your cable machine exercises. By avoiding these common mistakes, your rope face pulls will dramatically improve the outcome of your cable machine workouts.

Save yourself from injury by positioning the rope correctly, for a start. Make sure it is not too low or below your head. Movements that are overly mechanized or too controlled can also cause injury. Be sure that you are pulling the rope to the correct position on your body as you extend.

Remember that ideally, the tip of the rope should meet the tip of your nose! As the weight gets heavier, it can tend to pull you to the side or out of alignment. Maintain the correct stance by getting down on one knee to fully benefit from your rope face pulls. Try to pull vigorously, if you are being too controlled then you will not experience the full extent of the workout – the rope is at its heaviest when the tip is closest to your nose.


Tricep extensions always have room for improvement, they can be a tricky exercise to get right on the cable machine. Ensuring the correct movement allows you to benefit from the full extent of your cable machine workouts, whilst avoiding unnecessary injury.

Setting the rope up too high means you’re off to a bad start. In this position, you can only throw the weight forwards past your head. Tricep extensions are not meant to look awkward! Like this, you are definitely not getting much weight upon the triceps or making the most out of your cable machine exercises.

What you are trying to achieve during tricep extensions is a maximum stretch of the triceps by ensuring that the elbows are elevated as high as possible in a right angle above your head. Whether standing or seated, set the rope well below your head to pull upwards and over in a smooth straight line in correlation to your spine. Try a quarter rep in between a full extension to achieve ultimate benefit from your tricep extensions.

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